Kauffman Seal Coating

Kauffman Seal Coating

We Are Here To make your asphalt surfaces hold strong and look great.


We can remove failed and broken asphalt with new hot asphalt. This includes potholes, alligatoring, and utility cuts.

Seal Coating

 A good layer of seal not only resists these damaging agents, but also provides a neat, clean, and very attractive parking area.

Crack Sealing

Filling or sealing pavement cracks will prevent water from entering the base and sub-base which will extend the life of your pavement.

Asphalting road machine
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The Best Reliable Contractor for your asphalt

Regular seal coating treats erosion so your asphalt surfaces hold strong and look great. As a trusted local seal coating company you can rely on us for high-quality protection and long-lasting results. Our team of experienced professionals uses top-of-the-line products for every job. Contact us any time you need excellent asphalt contracting, seal coating, and concrete installation.

Delivering the Best Solution to your asphalt needs

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The Process of Seal Coating

Clean cracks and surfaces to prepare crack sealant and seal coating

Kauffman crews working hard to fill cracks in the pavement at Colorado Mountain College and Snowmass Club Circle

Apply crack sealant

Once the cracks are filled, the seal coating machine and the Kauffman crews work hard to seal the pavement

Seal Coating   

The Finished Product

Project complete at Snowmass Circle

Complete Project
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Kauffman Seal Coating is dedicated to protecting your asphalt surfaces so you can rely on them year after year. Our contractors ensure you get great results that fit both your schedule and your budget. We offer professional driveway paving, walkway paving, and parking lot paving, so call today!

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